2012-05-21 Bu Xu Lian Xiang iPad apps launch
2012-05-03 Piao Feng iPad apps launch
2012-02-07 Guo De Qu , Bai Jia Xing, Dong Lang Tou , Xi Bang Chui by Yang Kui , iPad apps launch
2012-02-07 Southern Metropolis Weekly won the first in both Best-selling List and Recommendation of App Store’s "Newspapers and Periodicals"
2011-11-09 Hong Kong International Poetry Night 2011 held by The Chinese University Press & Muke
2011-10-08 The Truth of Liu Wencai by Xiaoshu iPad apps launch
2011-06-08 NowNow`s constellation books iPad apps launch
2011-08-17 Thinktank Observer launch
2011-06-01 zhongdaonet.com and Selected Translations of Book Review launch
2011-04-21 Today iPad apps launch
2011-03-18 Su Hua Shuo iPad apps launch
2011-03-02 Southern Metropolis Entertainment Weekly iPad apps launch
2010-12-28 Southern Metropolis Weekly iPad apps launch
2010-07-01 Muke Publishing Limited in Beijing established
2010-06-11 Muke Publishing Limited in Hong Kong established
2010-06-08 Southern Newspaper Media Group iPad apps launch, which turned the Group, into the first Chinese media applying on iPad in the world.
2010-05-30 NDWeekly News Reader iPhone apps launch
2010-01-04 NDDaily News Readers for iPhone and Android were launched and onlined in cooperation with Muke and Southern Newspaper Media Group
2004-03-18 Muke was granted ICPIP
2000-06-05 Muke Inc. was established in Guangdong