Kim Hyesoon  

(1955-)South Korea

Kim Hyesoon, was born in South Korea, received her Ph.D. in Korean Literature from Konkuk University. Beginning as a poet in 1979 with the publication of “Poet Smoking a Cigarrette” and four other poems in Literature and Intellect, she has published 10 poetry collections including: From Another Star (1981), Father’s Scarecrow (1984), The Hell of a Certain Star (1987), Our Negative Picture (1991), My Upanishad, Seoul (1994), Poor Love Machine (1997), To the Calendar Factory Supervisor (2000), A Glass of Red Mirror (2004), Your First (2008), and Sorrow toothpaste and Mirror cream (2011). Her collections have been translated into English including: Mommy Must be a Fountain of Feathers (2008), and All the Garbage of the World, Unite! (2011). She has received numerous literary prizes including the Kim Su-Yong Literary Award (1997), the Sowol Poetry Literature Award (2000) and the Midang Literature Award (2006). She lives in Seoul and teaches creative writing at the Seoul Institute of Arts.