Agi Mishol  Agi Mishol

(1947) – Israel

Agi Mishol is an established Israeli poet and creative writing teacher. She was born in Transylvania in 1946 to Hungarian Holocaust survivors who came to Israel in 1950. She holds a master’s degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has taught creative writing at Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University. Mishol has published 16 volumes of poetry, including two retrospective collections of her work published in 2003 and in 2015. Some of her poems have been set to music and others translated into many languages, including Look There (in English, by Graywolf Press), Journal du verger (in French, by Carateres), Ropa Tendida (in Spanish, by Poesía Mayor in Argentina), and Sheherezada (in Romanian, by Institutul Cultural Roman). Mishol has received the Prime Minister’s Award, the Yehuda Amichau Prize and many awards. This year, she was nominated by Tel Aviv University as Doctor Philosophia Honoris Causa and received the Lerici-Pea prize in Italy. Mishol is currently the director of the “Helicon” school of poetry in Tel Aviv. She lives in an agricultural community.