Inspired by block printing, which is pronounced same as "", in ancient China, Muke Press was established in 2000 to contribute itself to the transmission of excellent cultures and the innovation of transmission modes. As a result, our company is willing to use the most advanced and popular technology and ideas with freedom, diversity, openness and innovation. Until now, Muke has founded its own branch companies and independent publishing houses in Beijing and Hong Kong.
  Muke practices its pursuits through the developing and the promoting in three fields: digital-reading products and new mobile media applications, excellent works’ publication and planning and organizing cultural events.
  In the first field, Muke has not only successfully released a series of digital-reading works for iPad but also built cooperation with famous presses and magazines such as New Star Press, Guangdong People's Press, Today. Our community also wins the exclusive collaboration with many famous authors including Huang Jiwei, Yang Kui, Xiaoshu, NowNow. What‘s worthy of mentioning is that Muke developed different readers applied to iPhone, iPad, Android for Southern Media Group, which turned Southern Metropolitan Daily, one branch of the Group, into the first Chinese media applying on iPad in the world.
  In traditional publication, Muke published Museums of Shanxi , one of LonlyPlanet , with Joint Publishing, and it, as sales agency, markets various publications from The Chinese University Press, Oxford University Press(China), Academia Sinica, too.
  In third field, Muke hosted together "Nan Gua Yuan Xian" with Southern Weekly, "Youth Pre-employment Training Programme", "Subaltern Study" and "Liao Bingxiong Cartoon Exhibition" with Liao Bingxiong Humanities Foundation. What’s more, it was also the exclusive assistant to "Hong Kong International Poetry Night 2011" organized by The Chinese University Press. All of these have indicated Muke’s outstanding innovation, scheme ability, communication skills and implementation capacity.
  However, in order to preserve and flourish excellent cultural and art works in this information and media time, Muke would try its best to progress and perfect itself with its sensitive tactus, expertise, mature channels and the respect for excellent cultures.